Last few days

The last few days has been very emotional for me, with the release of the book.

Every page of the book contains a precious memory that means the world to me, but just exists on paper or in my mind. I want to hear all about the parts of the book that appeal to you, and I know that I will love it and cry about it at the same time. But please, don’t let it stop you. Share your favourite stories from the book and I might just share a picture or video of that incident, if I have it captured.

Here is one such moment. Well, it’s not in the book, but it’s a video of me reading a passage from the book to Nishi. Her papa had stepped out to get groceries. She wanted to go with him, but she was quite weak by this time and could not move much. So she was agitated. I was on the clock to finish reading up the final draft of the book, so I felt I could not stop reading. I decided to read the passage to her. I love how she settles down and rests her sweet head on my arm. You’ll hear me completely lose my train of thought when she does that.

Oh, how perfect my life was. How did I not see just how amazing it was. A fairy tale life turned to dust… Just like that. Life is fragile. Love is precious. I wish we did not have to go through such pain to realise these things. You’ll notice me talking about this in the book too. I was beginning to get it. Really get what life is about. It was dawning on me slowly. But before I really got it, I lost all that mattered to me. The cruel ironies of life. Sigh!

Oh well… If you want to buy the book, it’s on Amazon and flipkart in India. Kindle addition available too. If you buy it, tell me what’s your favourite story. I want to know. Your love for dogs just may fill a part of that big hole in my soul.